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Browse Octocheck database and access to more than 5 millions companies and than 70 000 goods and services.

Powerful search engine

With our search engine, find Chinese companies by name or by activities. So far we have more than 70,000 products and services offered by the 5 millions companies recorded in our database. From grain to lipsticks, you will find prospect that meet your requirements.

Use filters to narrow your results and create your own prospection list.

Comprehensive information

You will find comprehensive and accurate information on each company in our database to help you to find new clients or suppliers in China.

What you will find on each company:

  • Registration information
  • Field of activity and company description
  • Identity of executives
  • Contact information
  • Location
  • Financial Risk assesment

In addition, our cutting edge algorithms will show you similar companies ad suggest new prospects.

Reach out to companies through dedicated chat system

Once you identified a promising prospect, start to discuss with him for free with our internal messaging app. Your message will be automatically translated in Chinese to speed up the discussion.

If you need more, become a premium member to get direct contact channel.

Become a premium members to unlock more possibilities

By being a premium member you will get an unlimited number of email address and phone numbers of companies you want to reach.