Who are we ?


We have dedicated our activities to China and its specific issues in terms of business. This is the guarantee of a deep knowledge regarding this country and its challenges. The leading team and associate consultants speak Chinese and use first-hand information to build their analysis.


Our retrieving and analysis work is always made with the greatest care and rigor. Our information is sourced, reliable and accurate. Our deliverables are adjusted to the needs expressed by our clients and they are directly workable by their leading teams.


The issues we address are frequently strategic and sensitive. We thus guarantee the confidentiality of the discussions from the initial contacts between you and us. We are located in France and we can therefore serve the best interest of our clients.

Artiticial Intelligence, Big Data


Today, Big Data and AI are revolutionizing both business intelligence and consulting worlds. Thanks to the support of BPI through the French Tech grant, Octobot is conducting an ambitious R&D program and develops innovative tools such as Octocheck, a risk and analytics database in English on more than 3 million Chinese companies.

Meet Octobot

The Team

Samuel Richer


Samuel is graduated from Sciences Po. Prior to found Octobot, he worked for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and for the French leader in business intelligence.

Clémence Mirgalet

Research Manager

Clémence is graduated from Inalco Paris. She worked in French Embassies in various Asian countries and for the French leader in business intelligence.

Tom Richer


Tom is a computer engineer graduated from ENIB. He is specialized in artificial intelligence especially when applicated to language processing.